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14 September
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Hi there~. I’m alicat.
Cosplay and YouTube pretty much consume my life. And by YouTube, I don’t mean watching random kitty videos, lulz. I’ll probably just be posting cosplay stuff here anyways. Progress shots, shoots, con reports, etc.

Random things. I’m a junior in high school. I don’t eat beef. My car’s name is Wilfred Jonathan Bakely III. I haven’t watched TV in years. I do watch lots of Asian dramas. I’m currently taking French and Latin. I think languages are supah cool. I used to have lemonade sales all the time as a kid. My socks still have kitties and cute things on them. Sometimes I pretend I can dance and learn lots of K-Pop and J-Pop dances. It’s really fun. I wish I could draw. I call my cat “face” sometimes. I don’t know why. I wear suspenders occasionally. They’re rad. Overall, I’m a very happy person.